The UK Soy Manifesto sets out a clear market requirement from industry (soy users) for all physical shipments of soy to the UK to be deforestation and conversion free with a cut-off date of January 1st 2020 (meaning that conversion of native vegetation after this date is considered to be non-compliant with the manifesto).

Signatories commit to embedding the manifesto requirement in commercial contractual requirements with suppliers, and to co-developing a monitoring, verification and reporting system to demonstrate progress towards the achievement of the Manifesto’s vision.

The UK Soy Manifesto also seeks to connect with similar initiatives in other markets and to incorporate commitments to support change at a wider scale, across the entire global industry, building upon the French Soy Manifesto and other soy initiatives across Europe.

The UK Soy Manifesto is a UK industry initiative, with signatories spanning across the supply chain from meat producers, consumer goods manufacturers, all the way to grocery retailers and food service companies downstream of supply chains. The Secretariat function for the Manifesto is held by Efeca. The initiative has received seed funding from Tesco and WWF and is now led and funded by Signatories. The content of the Manifesto has been co-developed across a multi-stakeholder working group including Mighty Earth, Earthworm, Global Canopy, Stockholm Environment Institute, WWF and Tesco, in consultation with wider UK industry.

To find out more about the UK Soy Manifesto please contact info@efeca.com